​Fashion and style tell the people around you what kind of person you are and reveal some of your personality. Fashion & style also makes you feel better about yourself and give you the confidence to be your own unique you.  Clothes are one of my favorite things. I love it when people say “wow where did you get that?”.  On this page I’ll share some great fashion trends with you as well as my personal favorites!  I am also a huge accessory addict, I love jewelry, purses, shoes, scarves, coats……….All of it!  I’ve always been somewhat self-conscious of my body which makes it hard for me to shop but accessories are not made for one body type or another – they look great on everyone!  I can’t tell you how much I love getting new shoes or a new handbag- I just love it!  Below I’ve shared just some of my favorite items, I hope that you will add some of them to your own closet.

Remember- Smile ~ Stay Beautiful ~ and ACCESSORIZE!!

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