A lifestyle blog?  So are you asking yourself what that means exactly? Well, to me, it means the lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated by their personal interests, life and daily activities and shares it with the world.  But honestly it can be whatever the writer would like it to be, and of course what their readers are looking for. 

My blog is a place for me to share details about me, my life and my family; things that inspire me and so much more.  ​Uniquely Your Event, Life, Style & Sass is a place to get inspiration, recipes, family related posts, organizational tips, DIY projects, event and party ideas and of course my favorite home decor, style & beauty finds!  It’s a place to encourage women to be unique, bold and beautiful! Together we can do anything, dream big and support one another to be the best that we can be.  I am passionate about helping women feel empowered, creative, sophisticated and of course unique!  The style of my writing is lighthearted, fun and of course a bit sassy!  

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xo, Tammy
10 Things I've learned about Myself, People & Life before Turning 50

10 Things I’ve Learned About Myself, People & Life Before Turning 50!

10 things I’ve learned about myself, people & life before turning 50. I turn 50 this year and I will admit that I was feeling a little apprehensive about it, feeling a bit old and like I am irrelevant.  But I think by the time the big day gets here I will be OK with it; in fact I will …

My Top 10 Self-Care & Mindfulness Tips

Self-care and mindfulness aren’t new ideas but they are gaining some traction over the last few years. Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can live the best life possible.

Strong Women

I would not describe myself as an activist or even see myself as outspoken or opinionated.  I’ve never participated in a protest, demonstration or marched for women’s rights. I do however have strong beliefs about women and their strengths.  When I look in the mirror what I see is a woman who has strong beliefs and strives to be the best …

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