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My Addiction to Creativity….

Being creative is my addiction, my drug, my outlet, and my stress reliever.  Over the years I’ve learned that there is so much more inside of me than I ever imagined and sometimes I feel like I am going to explode if I don’t let it out.  Over the past five years or so I’ve really become more in tune with myself and I’ve realized that being creative is a part of me, I’ve also learned that I have used multiple outlets to express myself and my feelings over the years.  Sometimes I create to release stress, pain, and sadness, or frustration, other times it is my way of sharing a piece of me, and then there are times that I just need to create something to feel whole.

I write poetry, I journal or take to writing a new blog post; I create beautiful things for weddings and events; and sometimes I just design a new product, print piece, or revamp my website.  By learning more about who I am I’ve also realized that I can tap into my creative brain to calm myself down or express myself more accurately.  Now that I’ve discovered this about myself I think that I may be taking it to the extreme…. I mean I’ve started my own event planning and designing business, I opened an Etsy store, I’ve become a Pinterest Queen and I started a blog… I’m tired just listing them!  I’m always looking for ways to be creative; I mean I literally start to withdraw if it has been too long since I’ve been creative in one way or another!

What is Creativity?

The word “Creative” means something different to different people.  A chef can be creative in his kitchen and create an amazing 5-star dish; an artist can be creative and paint a masterpiece; an author being creative comes up with a best seller, but to me being creative is to take an idea or thought I have and create something beautiful or original……….creativity gives me the ability to “just breathe”.

One of the things that makes me the happiest is when someone asks me to create something for them and they aren’t exactly sure what they want or how to put into words what they envision.  The moment they see what I’ve created for them and they are excited to see their vision brought to life.  Or, when I take a moment or feeling from living life and write a piece of poetry and someone is touched by my words – these are the things that validate the time and energy I put into my creative process.

The internet is full of articles, blog posts, and descriptions of the traits and characteristics of a creative person.  After reading multiple pieces I came across this list from The Second Principle and in my opinion seems to be most accurate and true for me….

General Characteristics of Creative Individuals:

  1. Genuinely values intellectual and cognitive matters.
  2. Values own independence and autonomy.
  3. Is verbally fluent; can express ideas well.
  4. Enjoys aesthetic impressions; is aesthetically reactive.
  5. Is productive; gets things done.
  6. Is concerned with philosophical problems, for example, religion, values, the meaning of life.
  7. Has a high aspiration level for self.
  8. Has a wide range of interests.
  9. Thinks and associates ideas in unusual ways; has unconventional thought processes; can make unusual connections to unrelated ideas or things.
  10. It is an interesting, arresting person.
  11. Appears straightforward, forthright, and candid in dealings with others.
  12. Behaves in an ethically consistent manner; has consistent personal standards.

While I don’t always create the most beautiful things or write the most earth-shattering words my creativity is mine and mine alone.  I can go there as often or as little as I like or need.  I can use it when I’m happy, sad, excited, or emotional- it’s all up to me, there are no rules.  There are times that I love to share what I’ve created and then there are those times that I create something just for me.

Take the time to look at the things around you, get inspired, and create something – be creative!

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